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Joyner's Mobile Mechanical & Auto Elec

With Joyner’s, your can expect friendly and professional service at fair prices. Whether you need a minor service, a new battery or you’ve broken down and need a helping hand, we’re here for you. We’re a VACC Approved Repairer, which for you means exceptional workmanship and top notch service every time. Don’t leave your car to any old mechanic, Joyner’s Mobile Mechanic will come to you…

Electronic Tune-Up

Your car’s electrics need a regular tune up to keep running well and avoid major repairs, costing you precious time and money. Our fully trained mechanics will do a thorough check and tune up areas that need a tune up. This may include include your air conditioner electrics, electric brake systems, and batteries.

Breakdown Service

Your hazard lights are on. Your heart is beating loud and fast. Panic is setting in. Of all places, why did you have to break down in the middle of the highway? Who can you call? Call Joyner's: we’ll be over to you in a flash to find out what the problem is, and have you back on the road faster than you can say ‘Joyner's’.

Auto Electrical Change-Overs & Repairs

We can help you quickly rebuild and replace alternators, generators, and starter motors. Need a repair done? No worries. Our skilled mechanics have plenty of experience in fixing any of your electrics. From your air conditioner, and starter motor applications, to your electric brake systems.

VACC Approved Repairer

The Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce has supported the automotive industry since 1918. Their stamp of approval recognises Joyner's as an expert mechanical centre. We are up to date with all the latest technology, training, skills, and systems to give you a thorough and personal service with the utmost respect and care for your car - and you, our valued customer.

New Batteries & Tyres

For your convenience, we stock a range of trusted brands for batteries and new and used tyres for most makes and models, for all budgets.  All new batteries and tyres are chosen for quality and covered under manufacturer’s warranty.  All tyres are roadworthy. We’ll fit and align your tyres so you’ll leave feeling like you’re driving a new car.

Mechanical Repairs to All Types of Vehicles

Whatever your car model and make, if it needs fixing, it’s in good hands at Joyner’s. Let us know what areas of your vehicle you’re having trouble with, and our fully qualified mechanics will do a thorough inspection to check the problem area - and any parts of your car that may be affected. We’ll give you a reasonable quote and repair only at your go ahead.

Minor and Major Service

Avoid nasty expensive repair costs by booking your car in for a minor service regularly. This simple routine will:

  • Keep your car running like a dream
  • Extend the life of your car
  • Ensure you’re covered under warranty
  • Keep you and your loved ones safe on the road.

Let us check your car over and explain how we’ll get your car running at its best. We use quality parts and stamp your logbook.

If you need a major service, we’ll let you know far in advance so you don’t get any nasty unexpected surprises.

Servicing from as little as $99.

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